England Netball Affiliation Details

Membership of England Netball is mandatory for players training at our Club and is required to play in the Shropshire Junior Netball League as it brings with it benefits (not least insurance) which can be found on the England Netball website.

All affiliations are now carried out through the ENgage website: https://engage.englandnetball.co.uk/Account/Login where existing members will need their EN Affiliation number (ask Hazel if you don’t know) and either their password (if they can remember it) or follow the forgotten password route.

New members who do not have an EN affiliation number should follow the guidance on this page of the EN website:


The fee you will pay will depend on your age and not your school year and should be for 2021-22:

11 and under @ 1st September 2021 £6.00
14 and under @ 1st September 2021 £10.00
18 and under @ 1st September 2021 £18.00

Roughly that’s Years 7 and below £6.00, Year 8-10 £10.00 and Year 11 18.00.

Netball parents do not have to pay anything.

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