SJNL Player and Supporters Codes of Conduct

Oswestry Junior Netball Club – Players Code of Conduct

The SJNL have brought forward revised Codes of Conduct for Players and Supporters (to be linked).

Netball Sport Ethic:    Respect, Teamwork, Achievement and Fun

Everyone must conduct themselves in an honest, fair, impartial and transparent manner.

SJNL Players’ Code of Conduct

By abiding by these Codes of Conduct, netball players can achieve respect, good sportsmanship, high standards of behaviour and ethics to provide them with an enjoyable, safe and stimulating experience.

SJNL Code of Conduct for Coaches, Officials and Supporters

As well as abiding by the values and standards stated in the Players’ Code of Conduct at all time, when in my capacity as a coach, official or supporter, I must also adhere to the listed codes of conduct.

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