SJNL/CVL Fixtures 2021-22

Dates for Your Diary:

SJNL dates for your diary – see pre-Christmas divisions below:

Shropshire Junior Netball League Registration Form 2021_2022 upd

10th October 2021 – Wk 1 – amended for Flames cancellations

24th October 2021 – Wk 2 – amended for Oswestry Stars cancellations

7th November 2021 – Wk 3

21st November 2021 – Wk 4

5th December 2021 – Wk 5

16th January 2021 – Wk6

30th January 2022 – Wk 7

13th February 2022 – Wk 8

27th February 2022 – Wk 9

13th March 2022 – Wk 10

27th March 2022 – Wk 11

You will be able to click on the date to download the summary of the matches for each day when they are available.

The results tables after each date will be displayed on the SJNL/CVL Tables page (see right).

The annual Church Stretton tournament will take place after the end of the season – to be arranged.

This diagram shows the number of matches each team will play at the SJNL meeting.

Matches October - December Visualisation 4

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